about: Nathan Moore
At   age   18,   Nathan   moved   to Arizona   (AZ),   to   spread   his   wings   and   take   a   few   college   courses. As   a   poor,   starving   student,   photography   was   something   that   was a   costly   hobby.   When   he   did   have   the   opportunity,   AZ,   provided   him   with   natural   beauty   and   endless   possibilities   of   images.   It   was   here   that   he   chased monsoons, dessert storms, landscapes and life itself. Nathan   also   had   influences   from   his   father   who   dabbled   in   photography   too.   There   were   many   long   distances   calls   from AZ   to AK,   discussing   camera   types   from Minolta   to   Canon,   lenses,   lighting,   angles   and   images.   In   1998,   Nathan   moved   back   to Alaska   to   start   a   photography   business   with   his   father.   Unfortunately,   his father   was   fatally   injured   in   a   car   accident   at   Christmas.   This   accident   halted   Nathan's   desires   for   any   camera   in   his   hands,   image   developed   on   paper   nor   a business. Nathan's dreams withered with his passion for photography. In   2000,   he   had   a   “rebirth”   with   his   love   of   photography   when   his   first   child   was   born. A   Canon   camera   and Tamron   lens   assisted   him   in   his   therapy   and   recovery to a new life. Capturing his children and cataloging the “lower” 48 states. Life was full again. In   2010,   Nathan   purchased   his   first   DSLR   (digital   single   lens   reflex)   camera   and   digital   images   became   his   new   forte.   The   film   camera   was   put   aside;   DSLR   and Adobe   Lightroom   became   his   new   tools.   This   freedom   from   the   darkroom   allowed   Nathan   to   breathe   new   life   into   a   simple   image   by   creative   manipulation... highlighting a feature with light, color and boldness. This same year Nathan, opened is own photography business in Alaska. Nathan's   philosophy   on   photography   is   let   the   eye   catch   an   image   that   is   distractions   in   the   frame.   The   visual   transformation   comes   in   the “developing”   session   in   Lightroom.   Selecting   a   perspective,   area,   color   as   a   whole   or   a   part...exploiting   its   beauty.   For   example,   simple   branches   intertwined in   a   bush.   The   bare   bark   twisted,   rough,   tight,   showing   signs   of   age.   It   can   be   taken   in   color   and   manipulated   into   a   black   and   white   masterpiece.   Having   the inspiration, creativity and fortitude to actualize the image from mind to paper is what sets Nathan apart from other photographers. Desire, drive and a dream. Fast   forward   to   2013...Nathan   moved   to   Houston   for   the   Oil/Gas   industry   and   family.   He   wanted   to   continue   his   dream   that   he   and   his   father   had open   a   photography   business. The   opportunities   here   in   Houston   are   vast.   Unlike Alaska   where   one   can   be   landlocked   by   nature,   Houston   provides   a   playground for   commercial   work   (oil/gas,   real   estate,   restaurants,   fashion/acting   and   corporate   photography   needs),   weddings   and   portraits/head   shots.   Therefore, allowing his reputation, professionalism and style to be the foundation for his business.